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Research - Surface nanobubbles

Gaseous domains form on immersed substrates but their peculiar stability remains mysterious.

Surface nanobubbles form on immersed substrates when dissolved gases are driven out of solution through, e.g., exothermic liquid mixing. Why don't they dissolve (after all, their internal pressures are several bar)? This rather straightforward question has led to a lot of exciting research which has not yet ceased to amaze me: fundamental interest in surface nanobubbles has exploded. In terms of valorisation, one may consider slip control in nanofluidics, defouling surfaces, nanopatterning, etc, but we are still waiting for these applications to really come through to fruition.

I remain interested in this field but I am not currently active. I carried out my surface nanobubble research in the Physics of Fluids group of Detlef Lohse. Detlef has really pushed the field ahead and I refer you to his group's page for the current state of the art in terms of fundamentals. If you are interested in potential valorisation routes, please contact me.

Who: James, Robin Berkelaar, Erik Dietrich, Michiel van Limbeek

Collaborators: Vince Craig, William Ducker, Stefan Karpitschka, Stefan Kooij, Detlef Lohse, Bene Poelsema, Hans Riegler, Harold Zandvliet

Sponsors: EU, M2i, NWO-Nano, ASML, TNO.


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