Discrete Electrolytes Research

Liquid ionics beyond Poisson-Boltzmann


I was trained as a condensed matter physicist in the group of Andre Geim before moving to fluid dynamics under the guidance of Tom Mullin. More recently I combined these two knowledge and techniques bases by investigating interfacial (liquid) phenomena using techniques from condensed matter physics. I made this transition with the help of Detlef Lohse and, even more recently, I added electrochemistry to my toolbox by working wth Serge Lemay.

I would class myself as a physicist working in physical chemistry with interest in ion-specific effects at the solid/liquid and liquid/gas interfaces. A lot of my work is fundamental, but I am also eager to sit down with industry and discuss possible valorisation routes, as well as collaborations for both short and long term goals. My current projects are listed in the menu on the left.

Some of the tools we use:

Atomic force microscopy
Asylum Cypher
Inert environments
MBraun 200MOD