Discrete Electrolytes Research

Liquid ionics beyond Poisson-Boltzmann


It is important to be an active member of the community, to offer each other guidance and support and to streamline our efforts towards a common goal, whether in terms of governance/administration, education, research, or the wider community. The links on the left list my current activities.

Research community

I think it is important to be involved with the organisation of research outlets to keep the community active. I am involved as follows:
  1. Member of organising committee of the Lorentz Center Workshop "Understanding ionic liquid on different length and time scales" (Feb 2017).
  2. Guest lecturer at the Almeland PhD summer school (June 2013).
  3. Guest Editor of special issue of ChemPhysChem on nanobubbles (May 2012).
  4. Member of organising committee of the Les Houches Workshop and Euromech Colloquium "Nanobubbles and micropancakes" (Feb 2012).