Discrete Electrolytes Research

Liquid ionics beyond Poisson-Boltzmann

We are interested in novel ionic effects at the nanoscale in fluidic systems, including controlled molecular ordering of discrete electrolytes (ionic liquids) for tunable lubrication and optimised energy and power densities, and ion-partitioning at nanoscale gas/liquid interfaces (nanobubbles) for chemical-free industrial cleaning.

Dr. James R. T. Seddon
Assistant Professor
University of Twente


Feb 2017
James organises the Lorentz Center workshop "Understanding ionic liquids on different length and time scales"

Feb 2017
Jort Verbakkel joins us for his Capita Selecta project to measure capacitance of ionic liquids

Feb 2017
Johan Renders joins us for his BSc project to measure electro-osmotic effects in ionic liquids

Jan 2017
Minmin gives an oral presentation at ACIS2017 "Nanobubble-nanoparticle interactions in bulk"

Jan 2017
Monchai gives a poster presentation at Physics@FOM 2017 "Charging ionic liquids at electrodes"

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